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re: Sorry to hear you broke up =(

G'day Benny and friends.

Ive heard rumors you have broken up as a guild, i am sorry to hear you guys where always a guild i aspired to and had the utmost respect for.

If i have heard wrong, please delete this post envy

I am just someone who applied along time ago and ended up rejecting my application due to me not taking into account DST (silly me).

Sorry if this sounds harsh at all, and please tell me to fuck off for doing so but my guild on Dreadmaul - horde side is looking for like minded raiders, We raid same time as you guys except we are GMT +8 guild, raiding wed/thur/sun 9pm to 12am all year round, we do not cater to DST so our times never change.

If anyone is interested please hit me up for a chat.
or msn:

Sorry for throwing the recruitment pitch, its hard to find decent raiders let alone GMT+8 raiders which i know alot of you are.

Farewell guys and i am very sorry to hear it didnt work out

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